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The Out Reach lift system, manufactured by Mobility Lift Systems, Inc., provides patient mobility, freedom of movement, safety and range of motion that is not available from other patient lift providers. With very little effort, patients have easy access to rooms and activities which were previously Out of Reach while reducing the risk of back injuries to the caregiver.

Our Out Reach disabled lift provides home health, hospital, school and professional organizations with lift solutions for their patient mobility lift needs. This patient lift system is easy to install in just a matter of a few hours and can be relocated as needs may change. By utilizing the Out Reach system stanchions in multiple locations with a single patient lift motor the Out Reach lift system inexpensively increases patient mobility, easy access, transfer locations and multiple location patient care solutions at a reduced cost.

The Out Reach patient lift system's unique elbow hinge design reaches out a total of four feet providing an 180 degree sweep of 8 feet and can provide transfers through doorways between existing room. This mobility patient lift system provides a range of movement which reduces or eliminates costly remodeling in many home settings. The efficient aluminum, stainless steel and compact design allows the Out Reach system to be mounted out of the way as it blends into any room while providing the strength and flexibility necessary to securely provide an individual mobility transfer.

MLS is the manufacturer of the Out Reach Stanchion Model 300/440 which can be used with other lift motors and slings.

For more comprehensive information about the variety of slings and motors available, please visit these sites:

Prism Medical (now known as Handicare)


Human Care 5100 and 5200 lift motors

Please consult MLS if you have questions about the application of other specific slings and motors.


Mike Hoover began his working career in 1965 as a co-op engineering student with Delco-Remy Division of General Motors Corporation. In 1975 General Motors relocated Mr. Hoover to Meridian, MS where he worked for twelve years in the areas of engineering, computer system development and manufacturing management of that green-field facility startup.

After accepting an early retirement offer in 1987 and the completion of a second degree in Business Management, Mr. Hoover held positions in the manufacturing industry including equipment sales, manufacturing engineering, Plant Manager, General Manager, Vice President and Executive Vice President of Operations for both domestic and foreign based companies. His product experience included manufacturing operations in automotive components, assembly equipment development, of components used in heating and cooling systems, automotive seating, cylinder forging, aluminum water pump assembly and production of engine pistons.

However, it was the decision to become a investment representative and his family's experience at the Arkansas State Rehabilitation Hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas that led Mr. Hoover to the decision to purchase Mobility Lift Systems, LLC (formerly H2O Lifts and Ramps). It was through the personal experience at the Hot Springs center that he became aware of the significant needs of the medically challenged and the lack of easy to use lift systems and equipment. To Mike it seemed that his entire career had been a preparation of purpose...to produce a product of value for those with significant challenges.

Call Mike at 1-870- 910-5439 | 1-877-832-LIFT [5438]



With the Out Reach lift system, patients can more easily participate in physical therapy which requires access to the floor. This feature also allows children to engage in activities with their peers that sometimes require access to the floor.

Features such as a light-weight, yet powerful lift motor, an intuitive remote control, a color-coded sling and a unique elbow-hinge design make the Out Reach lift system the most versatile and easily managed system on the market.

It has allowed John to do things that bring a little more normalcy to his life. Before, I couldn't lift him out of the bathtub. I don't know what we would do without it. We're thankful that it is here. I've never seen a lift that is able to do this. -Sabra W., Mobility Lift Systems Customer


These days, as you know, school systems are called upon to provide an environment for every child to access an education. But, we have found that not many campuses can adequately accommodate children in wheelchairs.

Do you have students in wheelchairs? Are you equipped to handle their needs?

If not, we can help!

At Mobility Lift Systems, we manufacture and install systems to allow your disabled children the range of motion they need and deserve. The Out Reach Lift by Mobility Lift Systems allows a freedom and range of movement that was previously unavailable to patients with limited mobility. With very little effort, patients are now able to access rooms and activities which were previously out of reach.

The entire system can be installed and ready for use within a matter of hours. In fact, the Out Reach lift system can even utilize multiple pole installations which allows you to use a single lift motor that can be used to access multiple rooms. This increased range of movement vastly improves quality of life.

The unique elbow-hinge design not only results in a total reach of 8 feet, but it also creates a range of movement which, until now, required remodeling. The efficient design and compact installation allows the system to blend into any room while also providing the strength and flexibility needed to securely move around.

How do we pay for this on our current budget?

The money is already there.

There are allocations for Children’s Medical Equipment under The No Child Left Behind Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act .


As a person with special mobility needs, your desire to feel safe, secure and in control is attainable with the Out Reach Lift System.

Possible injury to you or your caregiver is drastically reduced.

Our lift provides you with precise movement that was previously unavailable.

Safely and securely . . .

  • Transfer from your bed to a wheelchair
  • Slow and steady positioning into a bathtub or shower
  • Exact positioning for toileting
  • Easy transfers between rooms through narrow doorways.
  • Easy access to floor activities
  • Smooth lowering into pool for aquatic therapy

With the Out Reach lift system, patients can more easily participate in physical therapy which requires access to the floor. This feature also allows children to engage in activities with their peers that sometimes require access to the floor.

Features such as a light-weight, yet powerful lift motor, an intuitive remote control, a color-coded sling and a unique elbow hinge design make the Out Reach lift system the most versatile and easily managed system on the market.

The Out Reach lift system allows freedom of movement that was previously unavailable. With every little effort, patient are now able to access rooms and activities previously out of reach.

Owners Manual

Do It Yourself Installation
CMS/PDAC/Noridian Product Codes


Let’s consider Hospital, Nursing Home and Professional TreatmentFacilities:

  • Injury Risk: greatly reduces risk of patient injury and care giver OSHA related back injuries sustained as a result of patent lifting.
  • Quality of Life: patient quality of life improves dramatically as the ease of mobility provides patient greater access to family interaction along with personal privacy and dignity when needed.
  • Installation: easy to install by maintenance personnel as the stanchion pole attaches to floor and upper wall with four bolts (less than two hours to complete).
  • Space Requirements: the very small footprint (2 1\2" x 2 1\2") is especially important in small cramped spaces. Ideal for bathrooms and sharing when placed between two beds.
  • Portable: easily moved from location to location as the lift can travel with the patient or student, ideal when used in both a remote rehabilitation program and for in?room patient care needs.
  • Non obtrusive: does not clutter up critical ’patient care space’. The stanchion pole has been used as a support for other medical treatment equipment.
  • Personnel: reduces patient lifting and care staffing labor as the lift is easily operated by one staff member.
  • Motion Risk: a care giver maintains physical contact with the patient thereby providing a secure steadiness and no risk of the device tipping over from turning, becoming lodged on the doorsill or wedged within the doorframe.
  • Care Benefits: sling designs provide a stable way for one nurse to lift a patient in the horizontal position enabling the skin to breathe and for bed changing tasks to be completed.
  • Bed Turnover: the MLS accelerates patient healing process and provides the patient/home caregiver with the ability to provide care and mobility at home. The above attributes create a welcoming patient care environment which facilitates early patient discharge. Minimizing the length of time professional care is required thus resulting in the reduction of associated staffing costs, freeing up human resources and enabling a medical facility to provide services to more patients at a lower unit delivery cost.

The benefits of the Mobility Lift System continue when the patient returns home as well.

  • Injury Risk: greatly reduces risk of patient injury and care giver OSHA or private insurance related back injuries sustained from patent lifting.
  • Quality of Life: patient quality of life improves dramatically as the ease of mobility provides patient greater access to family interaction along with personal privacy and dignity when needed.
  • System Flexibility: stanchion poles are configurable to individual circumstances with typical locations being the bedroom, bathroom, family area and garage where most other solutions encounter the barriers of doorway and hallway widths, steps, lack of uniform ceiling heights and support and inability to make a turn.
  • Home Care: care givers have found the MLS ease to use, requiring minimal time to secure the patient for transfer, transfer can be accomplished by a single care giver, the patient senses security during transfer as lift control allows the care giver to maintain patient contact.
  • Agility: the MLS has the unique feature that allows the transfer of a patient around a corner and through a narrow doorway thereby maneuvering the patient into places where wheelchairs, Hoyer lifts and ceiling lifts may be denied access.
  • Affordable: when all of the available lift options are compared to include the costs of:equipment purchase, ceiling attachment, alterations to existing doorways, patient transfer from one room to another, cosmetic expenses incurred if repositioned, relocating due to the change of home ownership or needs of the patient.
  • Adaptability: system can be deployed in properties where other lifting capabilities may not be acceptable or feasible like rental homes, mobile homes, areas with drop ceilings and multi level buildings with concrete ceiling construction.
  • Quickly Deployed: MLS can be easily installed in a single location in under three hours for use in emergency situations or where short term rehabilitation is required through the available monthly lease program.
As the manufacturer and owner of Mobility Lift Systems I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on our product. I would enjoy the opportunity to become engaged with those tasked with evaluating patient lifting capability so the Mobility Lift System can better serve the individual and commercial needs of the medically challenged.



Aging and Disability Resource Centers
Benefits counselors will examine your case, find out what's missing from your appeal and provide advocacy services.

Information and Referral Service (I and R)
I and R programs connect people with appropriate organizations. Check local phone listings.

National Assistive Technology Advocacy Project
Sponsored by Neighborhood Legal Services, the project assists people seeking funding for AT devices through Protection and Advocacy for Assistive Technology (PAAT) programs, which provide free help to those denied coverage of AT equipment.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners State Departments of Insurance
Consumers can file a request for assistance in resolving an insurance problem, as well as file a complaint against an insurance company.

National Patient Advocate Foundation

Patient Advocate Foundation
Alternative Funding Sources.

First Hand Foundation
Helps families of children with health problems with grants for medical expenses, durable medical equipment, van lifts/ramps, living expenses when traveling for medical care.


29 Federal Programs That Protect Children
EducationMoney.com repackages information from the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance in an interesting manner.

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation -- http://www.cwf-inc.org/
The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation was created to contribute to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual welfare of children and youth. The foundation makes grants that satisfy its basic purposes through the following mechanisms: (1) dissemination of knowledge about new and innovative organizations or their programs designed to benefit youth; and (2) dissemination of knowledge already possessed by well established organizations, so that this knowledge can be more adequately used by society. Grants are made for proposals that have the potential to directly benefit children in the United States in a large geographical area (more than one state). The duration is one year.

Amway’s One-by-One Campaign -- http://www.amwayonebyone.com/
Through One by One, Alticor supports programs designed to have a direct, real, and lasting impact on the quality of children’s lives, especially those who are disadvantaged or disabled; and help children overcome barriers or obstacles to success and fulfillment in their lives. Special emphasis is directed toward programs designed to concentrate on arts and culture, education, health, and human services.

Casey Foundation (Annie E.) -- http://www.aecf.org
The Annie E. Casey Foundation considers support for public education and disadvantaged children one of its priorities. It is primarily interested in "initiatives that have significant potential to demonstrate innovative policy, service delivery, and community supports for children and families." Collaborative projects that engage parents in school improvement and the academic success of their children are within the foundation’s area of interest. There are no deadlines. The first step in the grant-seeking process is to send the foundation a 2-3 page letter summarizing the proposed project, its goals, a brief history/background of the school, the population to be served, and the amount requested. If the foundation sees potential in the project, it will invite you to write a full proposal. The address: The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Attention: Office of the President, 701 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. Grant guidelines are also available at the foundation Web site, or from External Resources and Partnerships (ERP) by calling 773/553-2610, or e-mail at: erp@cps.k12.il.us.

The Children with Special Needs Fund
The Fund provides services and equipment to children with special health care needs that no other resource – including state or federal programs – provides. The Fund was created in 1944 with a large bequest of Dow Chemical stock by Dr. and Mrs. James Pardee. Dr. Pardee was a co-founder of the Dow Chemical Company. The Pardees’ gift remains a major portion of the Fund. It has been supplemented by donations made by many other individuals over the past 58 years. This generosity has enabled the Fund to help thousands of families. The Fund is administered through the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Children’s Trust Fund -- http://www.michigan.gov/ctf
The Children’s Trust Fund, funds 69 local child abuse and neglect prevention councils that serve 79 Michigan Counties, Local Councils are community-based organizations that identify needs and facilitate collaberative prevention programs in their community. Also funded are 56 local direct service prevention programs across the state. These provide a wide range of services to families which help them understand the development stages of children, how to cope with the stresses of parenting, and where to find support and linkages to other resources.

Christian Children’s Fund -- http://www.christianchildrensfund.org/
For over 60 years CCF has been dedicated to providing assistance to needy children worldwide. Services are provided to approximately 2.5 million children regardless of race, religion, or gender in 31 countries, including the United States.

Commonwealth Fund -- http://www.cmwf.org/
The Fund’s current four national program areas are improving health care services, bettering the health of minority Americans, advancing the well-being of elderly people, and developing the capacities of children and young people. In all its national programs the Fund emphasizes prevention and promoting healthy behavior. In its own community, the Fund makes grants toward enhancing the quality of life in New York City. The Fund also sponsors Harkness Fellowships, which enable future leaders of the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand to study social issues in the United States.

Dr. Phil Foundation -- http://drphilfoundation.org/
Robin and I are committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged and foster children. In collaboration with others, we strive to provide youths with access to critically needed services, including safe and decent housing, medical and mental health services, education and job training. In a secure and loving environment, it is our belief these children will develop a new sense of responsibility and commitment to themselves, their fellow human beings, their communities and nation.

FederalGrantsWire Children Grants and Loans
60 grant and loan listings from the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance.

FreddieMac Foundation -- http://www.freddiemacfoundation.org/
Will continue to support programs that focus on the important work of preventing child abuse and neglect and finding permanent homes for children in foster care. In the future, we will expand our historical support of children and their families during the early stages of a child’s life to include children from birth to 18 years of age. In addition to supporting youth as they transition to adulthood, a special emphasis will be placed on programs that help young people aging out of foster care obtain stable housing and successfully move to independence.

Fundsnet Children and Youth Foundations and Funders
A collection of web links by FundsNet.
Listed under Children and Youth.

Grantmakers for Children, Youth, and Families -- http://www.gcyf.org/
A web page of potential interest.

International Youth Foundation -- http://www.iyfnet.org/
Currently operating in nearly 50 countries and territories, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) is one of the world’s largest public foundations working to improve the conditions and prospects for young people where they live, learn, work, and play.

Kristi Yamaguchi Always Dream Foundation -- http://www.alwaysdream.org/
Founded in 1996, Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation was established to supported organizations that have a positive influence on children.

Magic Johnson Foundation -- http://magicjohnson.org/
Dedicated to serving the educational, health, and social needs of minority youth and underserved communities throughout the nation.

Mailman Family Foundation (A.W.) -- http://www.mailman.org/
Funding nonprofit and academic proposals which support programs for children and families, with special emphasis on early childhood. Also provides links to additional funders.

Make a Wish Foundation of Michigan -- http://www.wishmich.org/
This organization does its best to make dreams come true for children with terminal illnesses

Michigan Assistance and Referral System -- http://www.mfia.state.mi.us/mars/
The Michigan Assistance and Referral Service (MARS) is a pre-screening tool that allows you to find programs offered by the State of Michigan that may help families in need with assistance for medical, nutritional, food, day care, temporary cash or other expenses.

Michigan Office of the Children’s Ombudsman - Relative Care Resources
Financial or other support for relative care providers is often scarce or difficult to access. Many times, relatives are unaware of the options available to assist in caring for related children. The following is a list of some resources that may be available to relative care providers. It is important to note that the list is not comprehensive and there may be other resources available in your community. In addition, not all children are eligible for each of these resources and a child receiving one type of assistance may, therefore, be ineligible to receive another type of assistance. It is important to discuss these options with the child’s caseworker.

MIChild -- http://www.michigan.gov/mdch/1,1607,7-132-2943_4845_4931---,00.html
MIChild is a health insurance program. It is for uninsured children of Michigan’s working families. MIChild services are provided by many HMOs and other health care plans throughout Michigan. For more information, call your health plan, the local Family Independence Agency, your local health department or call 1-888-988-6300.

Ronald McDonald House Charities -- http://www.rmhc.org/
The mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc. (RMHC®) is to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and well being of children. RMHC fulfills its mission by creating innovative, effective programs that address targeted needs, and by supporting these programs and other activities conducted by its local Chapters worldwide. RMHC also awards grants to other nonprofit children’s organizations that positively impact the health and well being of children around the world.

Thomas Foundation for Adoption (Dave)
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s primary interest is in funding projects that directly impact permanency through adoption of waiting children in the United States and Canada. Emphasis will be given to programs and projects on a national or regional basis that will help move children out of foster care and into adoptive homes. The Foundation is especially interested in addressing the permanency needs of children who are older, who have medical or emotional difficulties; children who are from an ethnic minority and sibling groups of children seeking adoption together.
Eligible Applicants: U.S. or Canadian tax-exempt organizations whose mission is to support the adoption of children from the foster care system.

ARKANSAS - Tel: 501-683-6052
Arkansas Technology Alternative Financing Project
MISSOURI - Tel: 816-350-5281
Missouri Assistive Technology Council
ARIZONA - Tel: 501-683-6052
Arizona Loans for Assistive Technology Program
NEVADA - Tel: 775-829-2273
Nevada Assistive Technology Loan Fund Program
FLORIDA - Tel: 850-487-3278
Florida Alternative Financing Program
Tel: 850-487-3278
OKLAHOMA - Tel: 800-257-1705
Oklahoma Alternative Financing Program
ILLINOIS - Tel: 800-852-5110
Techconnect Low Interest Loan Program
PENNSYLVANIA - Tel: 888-744-1938
Pennsylvania’s Assistive Technology Financing Program
KANSAS - Tel: 866-465-2826
Kansas Assistive Technology Cooperative
UTAH - Tel: 800-524-5152
Utah Assistive Technology Foundation
KENTUCKY - Tel: 877-675-0195 (Ext. 25)
Loan Initiative Networking Kentuckians
VIRGINIA - Tel: 866-835-5976
RESNA Alternative Financing
Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority
LOUISIANA - Tel: 800-270-6185
Louisiana Alternative Financing Program
WISCONSIN - Tel: 608-266-8905
Wisconsin Office for Persons with Physical Disabilities
MARYLAND - Tel: 800-832-4827
Assistive Technology Guaranteed Loan Program
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Tel: 202-205-8134
National Institute on Disability

American Express Foundation - http://home3.americanexpress.com/corp/gb/howto.asp
American Express Foundation grants provide education and career training opportunities for disadvantaged students. Projects in communities where American Express has a significant business or employee presence take priority. A three-page (maximum) letter is the first step. Visit the Web site for further details and instructions on how to apply.

Guide to U.S. Department of Education Grants and Contracts
The U.S. Department of Education (ED) is providing nearly $38 billion this year to states and school districts, primarily through formula-based grant programs, to improve elementary and secondary schools and meet the special needs of students. ED is providing about $2.5 billion to help strengthen teaching and learning in colleges and other postsecondary institutions and over $4 billion to support rehabilitation, adult education, research and development, statistics, and assessment. ED awards about $1.5 billion in contracts each year for goods and services necessary to carry out its mission.

Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Program
The purpose of the Javits program is to carry out a coordinated program of scientifically based research, demonstration projects, innovative strategies, and similar activities designed to build and enhance the ability of elementary and secondary schools to meet the special educational needs of gifted and talented students.
The major emphasis of the program is on serving students traditionally under represented in gifted and talented programs, particularly economically disadvantaged, limited English proficient, and disabled students, to help reduce the serious gap in achievement among certain groups of students at the highest levels of achievement.

Kurzwell Educational Systems - Funding and Grants
Kurzweil Educational Systems is a strong supporter of educational initiatives and the teaching community. In this section you'll find tips, information, and tested approaches to applying for funding and grants that can be used towards assistive learning technology.
Also listed under Grants for Individuals - Disabled.

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation -- http://www.meaf.org
Education grants are available for public and private/charter schools and institutions of higher learning in every state, but institutions located near Mitsubishi plants are given priority. Their goal is to help young people with disabilities through technology to maximize their potential and participation in society. The foundation accepts preliminary concept papers throughout the year. Average grants range from $10,000 - $100,000.

NEC's Corporate Citizenship - http://www.nec.co.jp/community/en/
Makes cash grants to nonprofit organizations and programs with national reach and impact in one or both of the following arenas: science and technology education, principally at the secondary level, and/or the application of technology to assist people with disabilities.


Is an approved provider for the following:
Arkansas Medicaid WaiverBlue Cross Blue Shield of ArkansasBlue Cross Blue Shield of TennesseeHumana Military Health
TRICARESpinal Cord CommissionMedicare


Veterans Administration
(Check your individual state for locations)



    Out Reach lift system is compact and stored against the wall, out of the way of normal room traffic. It's easy to maneuver from the hallway into a small bathroom.

    The swing is comfortable and sturdy. \"It feels pretty comfortable, like having a cushion.\" says Mike, a patient using Out Reach.


    Out Reach is small and compact enough to use in the smallest of rooms and different locations. Because it is easy to install, Out Reach can be reinstalled in another building. Because the lift can be removed easily, it is not dangerous to other children.

    There are no remote controls or cranks to turn, with Out Reach, you are right there with the patient at all times. The patient can see you instead of just hearing you. It makes them feel safe.

    "We like it because it's safe for the child and it is safe for our employee." - Kim, School Administrator.

    "I've worked with many different lifts for the last 13 years... The Out Reach Lift does everything for you." - LaQuita, CNA.


    The lift has really changed John's life. He can go places and do things he hasn't been able to do. Before, we could only give him baths in bed. Now he can actually be lowered into a bathtub. He can also do his therapies on the floor. No other lift system has allowed him to be lowered to the floor.

    Reach Out is small and compact. The pole can be painted to match the molding in your house to blend into the room and not stand out like the room is full of equipment.

    "I didn't want their room to look like a hospital room." - Sabra

  • St. Louis, MO:

    My brother and I picked up the Mobility Lift System and installed it for our brother. We were very pleased and impressed with the technical assistance we received while installing the system.

    Our brother Fred has achieved much better quality of life and Stephanie can care for his needs without any assistance. They are both pleased with the ease of operating the lift system. They both remarked...."This has been a life saver to us. We have found this to be an exceptional product. Thanks". -Elmer L. Powell



Item #DescriptionMSRP
WS-1(WS*) - (1) Wall Stachion - Out Reach Model 300 plus Dealer Installed $2925
WS-2(WS*) - (2) Wall Stanchions - Out Reach Model 300 plus Dealer Installed $5295
WS-3(WS*) - (3) Wall Stanchions - Out Reach Model 300 plus Dealer Installed $7295
AISAssessment, Installation $650
WS-1x5(5) Wall Stanchions-with payment in full upon order a 6th unit is shipped at no cost$21450


Item #DescriptionMSRP
WS-1 - DIY(WS*) - (1) Wall Stanchion - Out Reach Model 300/425 DO-IT-YOURSELF$2395
WS-1x2 - DIY(WS*) - (2) Wall Stanchions - Out Reach Model 300/425 DO-IT-YOURSELF$4349
WS-1x3 - DIY(WS*) - (3) Wall Stanchions - Out Reach Model 300/425 DO-IT-YOURSELF$5949

MLS is the manufacturer of the Out Reach Stanchion Model 300/425 which can be used with several manufactured lift motor and sling products.

See "Slings and Motors" on the MLS website for manufactured products that accommodate a patient/client's specific needs.

Use the contact form below for a Quotation As Prices are subject to change.



Enter Your Address or Zip Code:
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